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    1. What information should i let you know if i want to get a quotation for continuous dyeing and finishing machine?

    1) May we know what's your main products? the kinds of materials and the purpose?
    2) What's your production maximum width and thickness,also the capacity based on meters per month?
    3) May we know do you have any dyeing machine in your factory? (needleloom,sets,brands, dyeing machine
    4) Do you have steam boiler in your factory?
    5) Please contact us for further information.

    2. What information should i let you know if i want to get a quotation for screen printing machine?

    1) May I know how is the product capacity do you have per day?
    2) How many colors do you need? Do you want to print the back sides?
    3) May I know what's your production maximum width and thickness?
    4) May I know the purpose that your products will be used?
    5) Please contact us for further information.

    3. Are you a Manufacturer?

    Yes we have been manufacturing such machines over 20 years and also we have a professional
    exporter team.

    4. What about the payment term?

    30% deposit paid by TT in advance,pay off the balance before shipment.

    5. What is the delivery date?

    40 days after receipt of the deposit (Chinese Holiday doesn’t include inside).

    6. What is the warranty?

    One year warranty after sales (During the warranty period, we respond for free parts dispachment
    and the buyer is only required to cover the courier express once the machine has any problems.
    However we do not respond for the consumables and parts broken by mistakingly operation)

    7.What is your aftersale service?

    Any questions will be responded within 24 hours by email, skype. phone call or whatsapp. In addtion,
    we have professional engineer available for service.

    8. Where is your factory?

    Our factory is local at Dongguan City, address info:No. 83 Huanbao Road, Shatian Town,
    Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

    9. What products does KIN WAH Group mainly products?

    Our main products is continuous dyeing and finishing machine and screen printing machine.

    10.What products does KIN WAH machinery mainly produce?

    We Kin Wah Machine dyeing and finishing equipment series include High temperature Continuous Dyeing
    & finishing Machines, Normal temperature Continuous Dyeing &finishing Machines, High & Normal
    Temperature Continuous Dyeing & finishing Machines for all kinds of Narrow fabric, nylon tapes,polyester
    ribbons,heavy duty webbings. Finishing & Starching Machine, Calender Machine for labels, packaging
    machines, rolling machines etc.

    11.What products does DOPSING machinery mainly produce?

    We DOPSING Machinery is professional manufacturer of roll to roll label ribbons and other kind of narrow
    fabric Automatic screen printing machines.

    12.What is the materials of your dyeing machine appearance?

    The materials of the machine is 304 stainless steel(2mm) or higher class, it depends on client's
    requirement.Of course, the price is not the same.