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    What are the application of screen printer?

    Screen printer is also called screen printer. In the printing industry, the probability of screen printing is relatively high. Its working principle is a kind of equipment that leaks ink to the surface of the planar impression by screen printing plate according to the shape of screen opening that needs printing. The greatest advantage of screen printers is that the prints can be varied, but they are more suitable for printing flat objects.
    Screen printers can be used to print the following products:
    1) Ordinary type:

    Paper packaging printing, partial UV oil printing, plastic shell printing, metal decoration printing, wood products printing, glass, ceramics products printing, label and nameplate printing.

    2) Special industry type:

    Electronics: Thick Film Circuit, Flexible Circuit Board, Film Key, PCB Printing
    New materials for energy storage: solar cells, perovskite batteries, graphene batteries
    It can be said that screen printing machine belongs to a kind of universal printing, in addition to water and air, other can be printed with screen printing machine.

    6Colors printing

    Choose the appropriate screen printer according to the product?
    Ordinary products have no special requirements for printing patterns and accuracy, inclined-arm silk printer can be selected. Vertical silk printer has higher accuracy than inclined-arm silk printer. Glass products and large flat objects have corresponding types of silk printer. When choosing a screen printer suitable for its maximum printing area, it can meet the demand according to the printing accuracy of the product.

    Special industry types, such as common thick-film circuits, refer to integrated circuits composed of passive networks and discrete semiconductor devices, monolithic integrated circuits or micro-components, which are fabricated on the same substrate by array technology (screen leak printing, sintering and plating, etc.). The professional thick film screen printer is required for the strict accuracy requirement of printing accuracy and film thickness height. The technological process of thick film screen printing machine is to fix the screen on the frame of the printing press, then paste the template on the screen; then put the substrate under the screen, pour the thick film slurry on the screen, press the slurry into the screen hole with the scraper, and leak print on the substrate to form the required thick film graphics.

    Why choose screen printer?

    Screen Printing Machine Screen Printing Products with Strong Three-dimensional Sense
    Because of the characteristics of the ink used in screen printing, the thickness of the ink layer is relatively high. So compared with other printing methods, the products printed by screen printing machine will make people look more stereoscopic. Screen printer printing means not only that it can be pure color but also that it can be superimposed to become multicolor overprinting.
    Screen Printing Machine Screen Printing Products Apparently Coloured

    Screen printer printing has the characteristics of light resistance because it uses more types of ink and can use some suitable pigments.

    Wide range of screen printing

    Because screen printing machine printing frame can be specific, so the printing area can be controlled automatically, with the largest area can be compatible with all sizes of products. So it is more widely used than other printing methods.

    Post time: Jan-16-2019